Orange County Homebirth

This beautiful Mama texted me in the wee hours of a Sunday morning that contractions had begun. With a history of precipitous birth, I left my house immediately. I pulled up to their home 15-minutes later, at the same time as their midwife, and together we walked into a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Mama labored calmly with the support of her husband and birth team. She smiled and chatted between contractions, and baby was born 30-minutes later! Dad awoke his precious daughters so they could meet their beautiful baby brother. They admired him through sleepy eyes and lots of yawns, but with the sweetest little smiles. A short while later, they all settled in bed together as a family of 5. It was as though he’d always been a part of them. <3

Birth Team:  

Lindsey Meehleis -

Courtney Ellis -

Jennifer Angell -

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