When will we get our photos back?

I strive for a quick turnaround on your session images. Depending on my workload and other sessions booked, purchased digital images are typically delivered within 2-4 weeks (4-6 weeks for birth). Custom products and prints will vary depending on the season and lab production schedules.

What if we have something different in mind?

I am flexible when it comes to shooting off-the-wall ideas and subjects. If you have a session in mind that differs from what I offer, please message me to see if we can create a custom package. 

What if we get sick?

We'll work together to find a new date when everyone is feeling their best. 

What should we wear?

Above all, comfort matters. If you aren't comfy, it will shine through in your expressions. Choose a basic color palette and coordinate outfits from there. For day in the life sessions, dress as you would normally (depending on your plans for the day.)


Why should I have a photographer at my birth?

The day we meet our children is a monumental moment in our lives, and the amnesia of childbirth sets in quickly. Having a professional photographer present ensures that all those fuzzy memories are documented and forever cherished. Birth photography is not about the moment baby emerges, but the moments in between. It's about the love and connection between partners and families, the moment you lock eyes with your precious baby, and the overwhelming love that ensues. Birth photography is truly about capturing your strength, joy, triumph and love. 

When should we book?

It's best to book early to ensure availability. I take a very limited number of birth sessions per month.   

When do you go on-call?

I'm on-call from 38-42 weeks. I can be reached 24/7 and do not book any other type of client sessions during this timeframe. I don't attend functions with family, friends, or my child outside of my immediate home base. I travel everywhere with my equipment in tow, to ensure I am ready to go at a moments notice.

When will you arrive/depart?

I arrive at your birth location once you've reached active labor. If you're having a homebirth or not being checked, this is usually when your contractions are 5-minutes apart, lasting 1-minute, for at least an hour. Arrangements can be made for mamas with a history of precipitous labor. I stay 1-2 hours after baby is born. 

Will you share all of my intimate images?

No, you have full control over the privacy of your birth. Some women choose to share their story to empower others, and some prefer to keep private. The choice is completely yours.


How long will our session last?

Session lengths vary depending on which package you select. You can choose to have me arrive as your children awaken, or later in the day to capture when they'll be tucked in the for the evening. If you've booked a shorter session, I'll work around your plans for the day. We'll chat beforehand to set up a time that works best for the vision you have in mind.

What should we do?

You can choose to bake goodies, take a trip to the park, have grandparents over, arts and crafts, decorate the Christmas tree - whatever it may be, I'll be there as your silent paparazzi for the day.

Will we get formal photos?

If you're seeking posed photos, a family session is a better choice. The goal of these sessions is to capture your daily life as it unfolds. I will be a silent observer documenting it all - candid smiles, laughs, and even tantrums. These sessions are meant to be relaxed and eliminate stress. There will be ample time to capture each child's budding personality.  

Are you available for travel?

Yes. Details and cost are determined depending on your proximity from my location in Southern California.

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