Newport Beach Family Session

This family contacted me months before a planned vacation together in Orange County. They were originally from Texas (close to where my own Dad was born) and were going to be traveling from various parts of the country to vacation together at a beach house they rented right on the water in Newport Beach. They told me they only wanted a few family photos together, and the rest to be candid shots of the kids being kids. They were so much fun. At the end of the session I walked back to my car - barefoot and completely covered in sand. A day well spent.

HOAG Hospital - Newport Beach Birth

The birth of this precious baby boy was beautiful to witness. I left to join them at HOAG hospital in Newport Beach in the early hours of a weekday morning. It was still dark out. Traffic was light. The waiting room was empty. As the day progressed, I walked out of the room to give Mom time to rest, and walked back into a standing room only waiting area. There were so many excited families awaiting the arrivals of their precious little ones. 

Throughout labor, the interaction between Mom and Dad was tender, loving, playful, and not without humor (…not to mention, their playlist was fantastic.) The overwhelming emotion that enveloped the room as their beautiful baby boy arrived earth side was special, powerful, palpable. đź’ž

Long Beach Studio Family Session

I didn’t know this lovely family when they reached out to me for the first time 4 years ago. I was fortunate to photograph them then, and again three times in the past year when they’ve returned for fall and spring photos. What a treat to watch these brothers grow. :-)

Orange County Homebirth

This beautiful Mama texted me in the wee hours of a Sunday morning that contractions had begun. With a history of precipitous birth, I left my house immediately. I pulled up to their home 15-minutes later, at the same time as their midwife, and together we walked into a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Mama labored calmly with the support of her husband and birth team. She smiled and chatted between contractions, and baby was born 30-minutes later! Dad awoke his precious daughters so they could meet their beautiful baby brother. They admired him through sleepy eyes and lots of yawns, but with the sweetest little smiles. A short while later, they all settled in bed together as a family of 5. It was as though he’d always been a part of them. <3

Birth Team:  

Lindsey Meehleis -

Courtney Ellis -

Jennifer Angell -

Orange County - Mama Daughter studio session

I find outtakes and candid moments to always be the sweetest. The genuine smiles and interactions that occur naturally tell more of our children’s story than most images we can capture where they are posed. In these studio sessions, letting the children take the lead has been fun. I think it alleviates the stress and pressure on parents if their kiddos are active, and lets the kiddos relax and be themselves.  

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